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But We Have Flowers

Light Show Case

In light of the Brussels and Paris attacks, we come together as a group to set up this live light showcase. We unite to bring light to the recent tragedy’s that have been occurring worldwide, in an attempt to comfort and bring hope to those affected by the bombings and as a tribute to the innocent souls that have lost their lives. We are hoping to represent another way of responding to these acts of terrorism by fighting back with positive energy, love and acts of kindness and inspiration. Thus we have the creation of our project ‘But We Have Flowers’ to show that people do not need to be afraid, and that fighting back with violence will only lead to more misery and death. Since June 2014 ISIS has directed or inspired over 70 terrorist attacks in 20 different countries not including Iraq or Syria. These attacks have taken the lives of at least 1,200 people, injuring more than 1,700 and leaving millions in fear. This is only just one example of what is happening around us. We did not wish this light case to represent just a singular terrorist group or related attack, we wish it to symbolise every country, every city, every person, to show no matter where you are in this world, we still come together. We truly are not that different from one another. Inspired from this idea, we decided to stretch out our project to the public and invite others to create their own flower. Those flowers submited will be seen in our projections, physically bringing the idea of unity. This has all been sparked by a small child in France that simply asked his father why do they not run away as he fears for their lives. The father simply replies ‘We cannot run away because France is our home’. The little boy continues to say ‘But they have guns’ with his father responding ‘Yes, but we have flowers’.

27 May 2017
Massey University